Lobby Interface

This is the look of the Lobby Room when you enter into one of the available servers. Here you can access the various menus available, search for info and start your battle in Counter-Strike Online. Here are the various features available in the lobby room:   

In the upper left corner of the lobby room, there is an info player that shows various information about you like nickname, ranking, level, rank and also the exp bar needed to go up to the next level.

To see more information, click on the player info.


Showing your Character Information :

  1. Nickname: The name of your character
  2. Codename: nickname or nickname for you
  3. Level: Your current level and rank.
  4. Experience: The number of Exp already collected.
  5. Location: the location where you play. (will appear after filling "Register Area")
  6. Clan Name
  7. Win Rate: Number of Battles, Victories, Defeat and also rating
  8. K / D: Number of Kill, death and rating
  9. Points: The number of points you have collected
BanList Info

Shows the player nickname you have entered into the tire list. Here you also make arrangements for the entire list of players who have been on tires like this:

  1. Mark the first option for all players in your ban list. You can not enter the room you have created. (works only if you are a room maker)
  2. Mark on the second option so you can not see the chat or receive whisper from the player in your ban list.

On the left low corner in the lobby room, you can see the player list. From here you can see the players who are active on the channel, list all your friends, list all clan members, send a whisper to other players and also add other players as your friends.

Player list

You can see all the players who are registered as your friends. Right-click on one of your friends to interact as the following:

  1. Show info: View player information.
  2. Send note: send a message.
  3. Add friend: add friends.
  4. Whisper: sends a private chat message.
  5. Clan Invitation: sends invitations to join clan. (only possible if you being a Chief Clan).
  6. Clan : Clan Name.
  7. Report: report the player for unpleasant behavior.
  8. Add Ban list: add the player to the your ban list info.
  9. : used to send messages to other players.
  10. : used to add friends in-game.
Friend list

You can see all the players who are registered as your friends. Right-click on one of your friends to interact as the following:

  1. Delete friend : Delete a player from the friends list./li>
  2. Show info : view information from your friends data.
  3. : This Co-op function is used to direct you straight to place your friends and connect automatically.
  4. : Send Note is used for sending note.
Clan members

You can see the clan members who are online. Co-op and send note functions can also be used here.

In the lobby room, you can chat with all the players on the channel. Do Chat on the chat box.

Chat box is a place where you can chat with other players in the lobby room.

There are different types of chat that can be seen in the chat column.You can set and choose the type of chat you want.

  1. All : see all types of chat.
  2. Channel : chat within the channel where you are.
  3. Clan : chat with all your clan members.
  4. System : announcement or chat coming from the game system.

To access the room more easily, then in the lobby room there is a room menu so players can choose the game room you want or even do the sorting room based on the game mode you like.

Change Filter

Change filter is used for players to filter on the room displayed in the lobby room.

You can adjust the filter based on various options such as: mode, folder, ping, level and etc.

Create Game

Use this button to create a new room. all settings for games can be done after accessing Create Game. These settings include: room title, password room, limit, level, game time limit, mode, map and more.

Join Game

Choose the room you want to play and then click on the button Join Game to enter into game room. .

Custom Start

Custom start is used when you want to start or go inside game room that suits your requirements.

Quick Start

Quick start is used when you want to enter the room with certain modes.

You just need select one of the modes and then click on the button quick start. You will automatically be placed inside room randomly according to the game mode you have chosen.

Nickname Rank Level
FpFNoNaMa 72
versioN 72
AOHmagix 72
GlenMorenZi 72
Clan Level Exp
FpFMaStEr 19 449310
Cappuccino 19 412046
ConseptGOMII 18 397348
KnightOfTheZodiac 18 390412
BanciKalengClub 15 229497
Nickname Kill
SoEIDeJourNa 365155
JandaNekat 355338
versioN 203456
JhonStallone 177730