Special Weapon : Skull Series

Melee Weapon : Skull-9

The Skull-9 is the first short-range weapon in the SKULL series and the weapon is made of special alloy material developed by the government. Has a strong destructive power.

Handgun : Skull-1

Skull-1 Filled with 7 special .50 caliber Anti-Zombie bullets. Skull-1 can use two modes A / B Mode: A mode can give a shot that is very great / B Mode can shoot very fast. A very powerful weapon.

Shotgun : Skull-11

The Skull-11 is an anti-zombie shotgun. 28 bullet capacity with special special ammunition to defeat zombies faster. the research institute invests in the development of special zombie ammunition because of its high destructive power. It has a special mode where you can shoot singly, strengthen the damage power for long-range attacks.

Special Weapon : Barlog Series

Handgun : Barlog-I

Balorg-I has 10 .50 AHE Special bullets, has two modes. Using B-Mode will produce a shot that is very strong and produces an area around the target, besides that it will provide continuous damage for some time, zombies will be hit with deadly wounds.

Sub-Machine Gun : Barlog-III

Recent research has produced a weapon Sub-Machine Gun containing 30 special 9mm caliber bullets, when shooting 15 bullets continuously it will automatically change to [Full Mode] where there will be explosive, shot speed increases and the bullet used is a spare bullet. Weapons become very deadly.

Machine Gun : Barlog-VII

Secret research produced this weapon, a Machine gun with 120 AHE 7.62mm bullets. Has the ability to shoot continuously, and the bullets are added special explosives so that it can provide very large zombie damage.

Rifle : Barlog-V

Special bullets used in special weapons, and use 40 rounds of 5.56 mm AHE caliber. Weapons are equipped with advanced single explosive attacks that are getting stronger, have high accuracy because they have scope!

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FpFNoNaMa 72
versioN 72
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Clan Level Exp
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Cappuccino 19 412046
ConseptGOMII 18 397348
KnightOfTheZodiac 18 390412
BanciKalengClub 15 229497
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JandaNekat 355338
versioN 203456
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